Zulfi Bukhari filed a defamation case against Reham Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari has filed a defamation suit against Reham Khan over her controversial tweets regarding the sale of Pakistani hotel Roosevelt.

NewsBox has obtained all the small print of the case filed within the supreme court during which Zulfi Bukhari has demanded an apology from Reham Khan, the return of charges and payment of damages.

Zulfi Bukhari has taken the position that Reham Khan defamed him through tweets and damaged his reputation. there have been five people within the committee on Roosevelt Hotel but only he was targeted.

He said that Reham Khan would need to present evidence of her allegations within the court, adding that the case was important in terms of freedom of expression.

A spokesperson for the supreme court said the case filed by Zulfi Bukhari would take eight months to start .

It should be noted that Reham Khan had alleged in her tweet that the sale of the hotel would benefit Zulfi Bukhari.

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