YouTubers, fans seek YouTube office in Pakistan

So far, over 30k tweets are posted with the favored hashtag #WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK because the users request the corporate to make its office in Pakistan because it will resolve many problems that Pakistani YouTubers face.

Last week, Pakistan’s famous YouTuber Raza Samo’s account, “Awesome Speaks” got hacked and he took to social media to share the awful news.

As a result, his fans have initiated protest on Twitter for opening a YouTube office in Pakistan which can bring solutions to YouTubers in Pakistan.

While addressing to the stress , a famous TV personal turned YouTuber Waqar Zaka tweeted: “YT (YouTube) you want to register at PTAofficalpk and Security exchange commission in Pakistan as you’re earning from our country and not providing proper support to our users. i’m willing to offer you free space so please come to Pakistan.”

ouTube Space may be a physical location created by the social media giant for the content creators. The space offers various facilities to the favored YouTubers for producing content. it’s also a hub where multiple workshops and community events are arranged for the YouTubers.

YouTube has created both YouTube Space and YouTube offices in most of the Asian countries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come to Pakistan, neither YouTube Office nor YouTube space is to be found anywhere.

A vast number of YouTube accounts are from Pakistan, but thanks to the nonexistence of YouTube offices within the country, the users face variety of problems that takes the corporate forever to deal with .

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