WWE legend The Undertaker at long last says farewell after 30-year wrestling career

WWE’s legendary wrestler The Undertaker has apparently said goodbye to the planet of wrestling after a three-decade career.

“He has no desire to return to the ring,” said Mark William Calaway, also referred to as The Undertaker.

The 55-year-old wrestler announced his retirement during a documentary aired on WWE TV.

“There is nothing left on behalf of me to win,” he said.

However, neither the wrestler nor WWE has officially announced his retirement.

The Undertaker was also referred to as Deadman talked about his career and life during a documentary The Last Ride.

He added that he may consider returning for one last match, but time will tell.

The Undertaker had won the planet Heavyweight Championship several times during his wrestling career, winning the tag team title sixfold and therefore the Royal Rumble.

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