Women’s Action Forum files petition to disclose the assets of Army generals and Judges

The Women’s Action Forum has sent an invitation to the concerned agencies for full details of the financial assets of Pakistan’s senior military officers and judges under the proper to Information Act.

The Women’s Action Forum (WAF) says that the condition of disclosure of assets under the Constitution of Pakistan shouldn’t be limited to elected parliamentarians but should also apply to senior officials of all state institutions.

Nighat Saeed Khan, the National Coordinator of the Women’s Action Forum, told NewsBox that within the first phase, she sought information on the assets of supreme court judges and Pakistan Army officers under the proper to Information Act from federal and provincial information officers, Supreme Court. The petition has been sent to the Registrars of the four High Courts, the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and therefore the High Courts, the Secretary Law Division and therefore the Secretary Defense.

She said: “This request has been sent within the wider national interest of Pakistan. As a citizen of Pakistan, it’s our duty to try to to so. consistent with the constitution, if this information isn’t provided within 11 days, then within the second stage we’ll apply to the proper to Information Commission and if the appliance remains not processed, we’ll approach the Supreme Court of Pakistan.”

“When it’s mandatory for each Pakistani to disclose assets, then why are the small print of assets of top officials of varied institutions not made public?”, she said.

The Women’s Action Forum in its written request has sought to supply details of the assets of state officials under Article 19A of the Constitution, including the judge of Pakistan, all judges of the Supreme Court, Islamabad and therefore the four provincial high courts. Courts include Chief Justices and other judges.

Similarly, the request has sought to supply details of the assets of Chief of Army Staff, All Lieutenant Generals, Major Generals, Brigadiers, Air Chief Marshals of Air Force, Air Marshals, Air Marshals, Admirals, Vice Admirals, Rear Admirals and Commodores of Pakistan Navy.

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