Woman delivers baby while standing in queue for COVID-19 test

22-year-old pregnant woman in India delivered her baby while standing within the queue for a coronavirus test. consistent with reports, she was refused admission to the hospital till she cleared the virus test

The woman, Palak, was in labour when she received the hospital but was asked to travel to the world where tests are done. She could hardly stand and later collapsed delivering the baby on the spot.

The incident created panic and therefore the refore the medical staff shifted the lady and the newborn to a ward.

An investigation into the incident has been ordered by the institute while a school member, two senior and two junior residents of the obstetrics and gynaecology department are asked to travel off duty.

The woman’s husband, Raman Dixit, a daily wager, told reporters that Palak was nine months pregnant and birth pangs started after which he took her to the hospital.

“However, staff within the emergency ward of gynaecology didn’t admit her and told them that she first needed to undergo a COVID-19 test, as per protocol. The test costs Rs1,500 (around PKR 3,000). i used to be not carrying much cash. I made my wife stand along side a relative within the queue for the COVID-19 test and went home to bring the cash . once I returned, I found that my wife had already born and was admitted to the ward,” said Raman.

Dr Srikesh Singh, the spokesperson of the hospital, said that the lady and her baby do fine.

Officiating Director, Prof Nuzhat Hussain, said: “A three-member committee will submit its report on the incident in three days. Till then, the five staff members will remain off duty. the top of obstetrics and gynaecology has been asked to elucidate why rather than providing emergency care when the lady was in labour pain, she was sent for COVID-19 testing.”

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