Whatever happened to Mansoora, happened to me in real life: Atiqa Odho

As a veteran actor Atiqa Odho has enjoyed much fame in her career and maybe this is often why she is sort of selective about her projects. However, her characters have always remained audiences’ favoruite. Recently, she is ruling television as Mansoora in Pyar Ke Sadqay and though there are mixed opinion about her role, one cannot deny the brilliance she performs.

Team Something Haute recently came touch with the actress to possess a talk about her experience of playing Mansoora.

“I’m spoilt because in my career of about 30 years, I even have had only a few projects that haven’t been successful. i’m so blessed and privileged to always have hits that sometimes I take it without any consideration . I’m thrilled that Mansoora has become somebody whose story people followed and invested in. it’s an excellent feeling to be acknowledged and supported but I’m definitely spoilt,” Atiqa shared.

Initially, did she thought Pyar Ke Sadqay was a risky project keeping in mind its distinctive treatment and execution?

“Sometimes I chose scripts because I even have to run the kitchen, so i select the lesser evil from tons of bad scripts, while other times I sign once I enjoy the outlook of a personality . the rationale I signed PKS was because I liked Mansoora. i really like the very fact that she was married to a younger man; such roles and scripts aren’t written for television in Pakistan. I always search for a personality graph in my roles that from where they begin and where they end,” she added.

Did she turn against Mahjabeen only because she commented that Mansoora looked older than Sarwar?

“Characters, expecially in PKS, are mosotly not black and white. they’re grey; similarly, in Mansoora’s case, the lady is handling tons of complexities. She is quiet, sober, intelligent yet very complex, so I had tons to space to play with expressions and that’s how she emotes. She lives in denial for therefore long that she didn’t notice how Sarwar was ruining her children, especially Abdullah. So she is so wanting to keep her man that she turns a blind eye to everything,” Atiqa shared.

“It is gloomy and pathetic but that’s now women in our society behave. All my characters stem out of someone that I even have observed. it’s astonishing what proportion women can hand over — their lives, children, home — just to stay a person . On the contrary, I personally believe partnership. I’ve managed to bring back life a lady who is completely opposite to what my value system is,” she said.

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