Urwa Hocane receives flak for comments on Karachi flooding

With rains lashing Karachi, as many as 19 people died in various rain-related incidents within the port city on Thursday, taking the tally of deaths during the three-day monsoon spell within the city to 30.

Meteorological officials said downpours in August have shattered the 90-year-old record for the town . Some 484mm (19 inches) of rain has fallen this month thus far , 130mm on Thursday alone, they said.

Videos and photos making rounds on social media showed submerged cars and motorcycles and water entering houses and buildings, wreaking havoc within the capital .

Amid all the outrage against the Sindh government for being incompetent and “destroying” the town , Urwa Hocane tweeted that folks should “stop complaining and do something on their own and fix a minimum of their own colony issues”.

Urwa Tweet

She further said: “It’s the people that need to work hand in hand with the government! what percentage of you’ll come up with a solution? Why don’t we start somewhere? Sab kuch government ka kaam nahi hota. Khud bhi kuch sochein, haath pey haath rakh k baithnay k ilawa (The government isn’t liable for everything. We even have a requirement aside from sitting with our hand folded).”

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