Unique ‘Qurbani System’ In Hunza Sets Great Example For Muslims Around The World

Do you realize the distinctive custom of communal qurbani that’s held Hunza valley? The much renowned Hunza valley, enveloped within the grand Himalayas and therefore the Karakoram range , carries out its own unique tradition on the occasion of Eid ul Azha.

Like Muslims all round the world celebrate the day with great religious gusto, Muslims of Hunza also celebrate it with a rather different tradition. The locals of the valley render truth essence of Eid ul Azha with its yearly tradition of communal qurbani.

Needless to mention , Hunza may be a beautiful valley situated within the midst of the Himalayas and therefore the Karakoram range . What’s even more beautiful about it, is that the Abrahamic tradition it follows on the feast of sacrifice.

As a neighborhood of an historic custom, all sacrificial animals are slaughtered at a community centre. Moreover, the meat is then divided among the various native inhabitants. it’s the unique custom of distributing an equal share of the meat to all or any households. this suggests that everyone gets a share no matter whether or not they bought a sacrificial animal.

In addition to the present , the owners of the animals remain anonymous as a neighborhood of the tradition. The animals are slaughtered within the garden of the community centre where volunteers supervised the method .

The locals who have their own animals offer them for qurbani. However, their names are kept secret. Since the bulk of the local population cannot afford animals for qurbani, the locals follow this process. no matter no contribution, everybody is given an ensured equal share of meat.

People who plan to volunteer are those who are divided into different groups and assigned with areas for the door-to-door distribution of sacrificial meat.

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