Two Boys and a Girl Arrested by Karachi Police for Stealing Cars

Model police headquarters Ferozabad Police in Karachi has arrested three accused of stealing vehicles from different areas. These three arrested suspects include two men and one woman.

Reportedly, an outsized number of arms and medicines recovered from the possession of the arrested trio. consistent with Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) East Sajid Sadozai, the accused are; Shah Rukh son of Iftikhar, Wajahat son of Jamal Iqbal, and therefore the female named Samira Ehsan. Moreover, the police found them riding in Honda City vehicle of the license number ‘AJH632’.

When the police stopped the vehicle on suspicion, they revealed the three accused to be intoxicated and riding during a stolen vehicle. additionally , after arresting the accused, the police recovered weapons. Not only this but the police also found an enormous quantity of ice and other drugs. The stolen vehicle got recovered by a brigade from the police headquarters .

SSP East Sajid Sadozai is reported to possess said that the arrested trio indulged in stealing vehicles from different parts of the town and happening long drives. On these long drives, that they had drunken parties and used ice drugs and other intoxicants while driving.

Additionally, after doing so, the accused would sell the stolen car. From the cash earned from selling the car, the trio would allegedly, buy drugs again. Allegedly, the accused, reportedly, have indulged within the cycle of stealing cars and buying drugs for an extended time.

The officials of Ferozabad police headquarters seized an enormous quantity of ice powder from the possession of the arrested persons. Moreover, also emerged that the gang had stolen variety of cars by now.

SSP East Sajid Sadozaialso added to his statement that the group of arrested offenders consists of about 8 to 10 accused. He reportedly stated that the arrested trio; Shah Rukh and Wajahat are from Nazimabad, while the girl Sameera belongs to Surjani Town.

According to the previous records, accused Shah Rukh has been previously arrested in Nazimabad in 2016 and in 2017. Reportedly, he was arrested on charges of criminal possession of weapons.

The police from Model police headquarters Ferozabad have registered a case against the aforementioned accused. As per some sources, an investigation started off by registering 3 more cases against the arrested trio.

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