TikTok Claims Yet Another Life

Popular social media app, ‘TikTok’ is all the craze immediately , with individuals gaining online fame and a “name” via posting entertaining videos of themselves. consistent with statistics the typical daily time spent on TikTok has been estimated at a minimum of 45 minutes.

The episode occurred within the Abbottabad’s Bagan neighborhood where a tenth grade understudy named Abdul Samad was recording a video for ‘TikTok’ with a weapon. He inadvertently pressed the trigger and harmed himself. The police officials have shifted the body of the victim to a close-by hospital for medico-legal formalities.

It is pertinent to say here that variety of individuals across the country have lost their lives after having a craze for the video-sharing mobile application which allows users to make and share their 15-second videos with their friends and followers.

The body has been moved to an in depth by clinic for medical and bonafide conventions. this is not the primary time a life has been lost while recording a TikTok video. Recently, an 18-year-old in Narowal lost his life while making a video for the appliance . The youth suffocated during a Narowal waterway while shooting a video. consistent with the small print of the incident, the teenager who drowned during a Narowal canal while shooting the video was identified as Husnain, who visited the canal along side his three other friends to record a TikTok video. While filming the video, he slipped and fell into the canal and didn’t survive.

On 21st June, a highschool student had shot himself while making a video for TikTok in Karachi. consistent with the small print shared by the police, the incident happened in Bagan neighborhood of KP’s Abbottabad where 10th-grader, Abdul Samad, was filming a video with a pistol. the small print reported further said that Abdul Samad accidentally squeezed the trigger of the loaded pistol, fatally harming himself. Similarly, in January, an 18-year-old boy, Keshav, from India, had pressurised his mother to offer him the revolver for producing a clip for TikTok, which the family wasn’t aware was loaded.

Subsequently, in April, a 22-year-old was declared dead within the wake of being hit by a train while shooting a video at the Jumma Goth railway station in Bhens Colony. Being yet one more death resulting from attempting to form a TikTok video, a social media platform which has garnered an enormous fan following in Pakistan, with the govt threatening to ban the appliance time and time again thanks to it’s deadly consequences and inspiring reckless behavior.

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