TikTok CEO Resigns amid Trump pressure to sell video app

Kevin Mayer, chief military officer (CEO) of TikTok, a fast-growing social media application round the world, has resigned.

According to the foreign press agency , Kevin Mayer says that the scope of his role because the head of the video-sharing platform is way beyond his executive powers because the corporate is fighting Washington.

The chief executive’s decision to go away the corporate comes just days after TikTok filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over an executive order that barred the video-sharing app from conducting business within the us .

Two days ago, the TikTok administration visited court against sanctions within the us , where the choice folks President Donald Trump was challenged during a California court.

The TikTok petition called the US president’s decision a part of an anti-China campaign and accused Trump of trying to win re-election with anti-China rhetoric.

ByteDance, the corporate that owns the video app TikTok, had earlier decided to travel to court against US President Donald Trump in response to the ban on its app within the us .

US President Trump issued an executive order on August 7 banning all transactions with TikTok’s company, ByteDance. The order said the us would need to take “aggressive action” against TikTok owners within the interests of national security.

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