This School In Hyderabad Is Helping Educate Underprivileged Kids And It’s An Amazing Initiative

There are more children in Pakistan today than at the other point in history. quite 1.5 million of those children survive the streets where they’re often exploited by their ’employers,’ forced to beg, collect rubbish, prostitute themselves, sell drugs and steal so as to survive. it’s easy to become desensitized to the present particular issue in Pakistan and with no proper Social Security system in situ , the fate of street children is usually either forgotten about or glazed over.

The Walkway School in Hyderabad aims to ‘close the gap’ for youngsters subjected to street life and people from underprivileged communities by providing infancy Education and Social & Ethical assistance. the varsity was founded upon the assumption that each child deserves the simplest education no matter their background which all children have the power to realize their potential within the classroom.

Founder of the varsity , Moazzam Shah Bukhari, features a history of giving back to his community.
At the age of 18, he established the Hyderabad Youth Network which engaged 10,000 children in various workshops, conferences, and seminars providing practical guidance . His social impact work continued informally too, through providing rations, creating job opportunities for needy families across the region and Iftar drives during Ramazan which have served almost 20,000 people within the last three years.

After seeing a toddler begging during a café, Moazzam decided to require his philanthropic efforts further by creating something more sustainable which could help the youth on a bigger scale. He and his team created an area to supply a basic right of any child; an education.

The team now consists of 20 plus volunteers performing at the varsity and 19-20 honorary members who assist in spreading the word about the varsity and raising funds for them. More recently, an honorary Pakistani photographer based in Qatar sold his photographs and donated 100% of the profits to the varsity ’s development – an enormous achievement for the school and its community.

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