This Female Village YouTuber Is Being Threatened By Her Own People And It’s Truly Heartbreaking

Pakistan’s YouTube sphere is especially dominated by male YouTubers who tend to possess bigger followings and more media exposure. However, female YouTubers are steadily matching them in both subscriber numbers and their income!

One unlikely female YouTuber who’s making waves hails from alittle town near Lodhran called Jalla Arain. Her channel is fairly new, but due to her wholesome content is growing steadily! She makes videos on her daily village life. What started as her uploading videos of the food she makes for her family on her mud stove which is powered by dry sticks and twigs.

Her content went viral when she uploaded a video of her entire house which is straightforward and a kaccha ghar as they’re called in Urdu.

From then on, her content became not only more regular but more detailed. Her subscriber count currently is nearly at 200,000 people and her videos rack up views almost triple that amount!

Muktiar Bibi was a field laborer before she turned to YouTube, she would harvest wheat and catch on their fields both for his or her own use and for money. She said, now she focuses totally on YouTube. She started the YouTube channel on the behest of her eldest son who has just finished his inter.
Her son got a mobile and explained to her what YouTube is and the way they might enjoy it. She said she trusted her son and Allah, and took the leap as she was the primary woman from her area to try to to so and has had no regrets thus far .

However, within the sort of many YouTubers, Mukhtiar Bibi also made an issue and Answer video where she revealed she was earning comfortably from her YouTube channel. She says within the video she is in a position to earn about 60 to 70 thousands rupees a month. and maybe , that’s why things suddenly got very dark.

Mukhtiar Bibi said that those round her that she considered her own are now threatening her and asking her to offer them her channel or the earnings from it.
She made a video during which she tells her viewers of her anguish. She says they threaten to possess her son kidnapped and killed. Or to involve them during a legal case that they might never be ready to get out of.

She said this has been happening for 2 weeks and is taking a huge toll on her health. Moreover, she said that she wasn’t letting her children out of her sight due to her fear because in any case she may be a mother and people threats have shaken her.

Mukhtiar Bibi lives in her house alone together with her kids. Her husband she has explained previously, lives away for work and may only afford to go to very rarely. She said that they’re simple and poor people that don’t know the legal frameworks and haven’t had issues like this. She was upset that those round her are those upset by her success and need to steal it from her.

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