The Indian Embassy In Pakistan Fell For A Fake Donald Trump And Are Getting Trolled So Hard

Tensions between our neighbors India and China are incredibly high. Recently on the border between India and China in Ladakh, a fight broke out between forces on either sides. there have been reports that several Indian soldiers had died during the battle and lots of later succumbed to their injuries, with the price on the Indian side being reported as 20.

Both countries are vital globally. And as tensions run high, both are seeking international support and reassurance. Which is perhaps why the Indian Embassy in Pakistan’s Twitter account retweeted a tweet from a fake Donald Trump account which said ‘Stand with India’.

Donald Trump India Tweet

Pakistanis noticed that the Indian embassy had retweeted a fake Donald Trump where the fake account had showed support for India with its China incident, recently

Retweeting a fake Donald Trump account may need been a real mistake, but it does show that India could be looking towards the US for support during this skirmish with China.

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