“Tensions with China will last a long time”: Indian Defense Ministry

A statement issued by the Indian Ministry of Defense on its website on the border dispute between China and India was later removed. The statement said that this Chinese-Indian military tension could continue for an extended time.

According to reports from Indian media on Thursday, August 6, the Indian Ministry of Defense said during a statement on its website that border tensions and military clashes between the 2 neighbours, which began in June, had led to tensions between the 2 nuclear powers are likely to continue for an extended time, despite several rounds of talks.

According to press agency Reuters, the statement was, actually an update on the Indian ministry’s website for the month of June, which was also taken offline again after being released online.

The online update said that after the border violations and military intervention by Chinese troops (with India) during a ‘violent confrontation’, 20 Indian troops were killed within the western Himalayan region. These border tensions and clashes were the bloodiest and most violent between the 2 countries in decades.

A new twist during this whole affair came when the Ministry of Defense in New Delhi published a replacement statement as an update on its website. “Bilateral dialogue is underway at the diplomatic and military levels to succeed in a suitable consensus, but these tensions and alignments are likely to continue for an extended time,” it said.

India’s official statement was shared on Twitter on Thursday, August 6, by the local press agency ANI, a partner of the international press agency Reuters, and a number of other other media outlets. Shortly afterwards, however, the Ministry of Defense removed the statement from its website.

Reuters also tried to contact the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi by phone and text message, but a Defense Ministry spokesperson didn’t respond.

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