Teenage Boys Allegedly Rape Kitten In Lahore

The Pakistani society is made upon the aspects of various cultures, behaviors and ideologies. However, patriarchal trends have confined the mindsets and societal ways of life. This has become a concerning issue because the mentality is beginning to hamper the mindsets of the growing youth.

tragic and horrific incident happened in Lahore as alittle kitten got brutally raped by a gaggle of 15-year-old boys. The poor little kitten was then thrown within the nearby dumpster; after reportedly raping her so brusquely that the poor feline’s organs are crushed. The vet has found semen within the body of the kitten and therefore the preliminary reports suggest that it had been subjected to sexual assault , for continuous days.

Not only is that the entire incident repulsive and very disturbing, it makes us wonder what quite people have we become? Where has our humanity gone? in particular , is patriarchy depriving the people during this society of humanity completely. Just a short time back, we saw how poorly a person beating his own mother. And to be honest we were repulsed to the core!

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