Teacher booked, arrested over kidnapping, rape of teenage student in Sargodha

Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between barbaric animals and humans. Humans are the simplest creature of Almighty Allah. But you furthermore may hear disturbing stories about their crimes and you question yourself again, who is better? Animals or humans? One such incident happened in Sargodha.

A college teacher in Sargodha raped her own student. As per Express News, a lady telephoned the scholar claiming to be the principal. She told her that classes at her college had resumed. But when the second-year student reached her college, it had been empty. As she tried to travel out of the school gate, the teacher, named M. Arshad, offered the scholar to drop her home.

However, the vicious animal took her to a flat and raped her. Arshad also made a video of the crime and blackmailed the scholar over the video. The incident happened on June 26, 2020.

Sources say, the school teacher raped the girl for four hours then left her at the gate of the school . the scholar was semi-conscious at that point .

However, not bearing any pressure, the scholar reported the whole episode to her family. Consequently, her father lodged a primary Investigation Report (FIR) against the teacher. Following which police arrested Arshad.

The saga tells us that humans have lost dignity among all the creatures of God. Crimes like rapes and child molestation are getting rampant in Pakistan. In short, there’s a rape epidemic in Pakistan.

Although the share of rapes in Pakistan remains less compared to other countries, it’s still a matter of concern. Pakistan is an Islamic country and such illicit acts shouldn’t happen here in the least . Arshad too shall meet his miserable end not only during this world but also within the hereafter.

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