Sonu Nigam Gets Teary-Eyed Listening To Young Pakistani Singer Hadiya Hashmi

Bollywood’s versatile singer Sonu Nigam has encounter the famous song Bol Hu of local band Soch along side young Pakistani singer Hadiya Hashmi. The Indian singer was left in tears taking note of the mesmerizing song.

Last year, one among the foremost prominent gems to possess been discovered within the sort of fifth-grader Hadiya Hashmi. She came into limelight after her first-ever performance in Nescafe Basement.

Hadiya won many hearts together with her soulful voice. Many artists and fans lauded the youngster for her matured vocals because the track was hailed together of the simplest on the show.

While praising Hadiya and therefore the song, Nigam said, “After an extended time something has touched my heart. The song is great, amazing lyrics, and loved this girl Hadiya. i’m blown away with this song. i’m floored and that i am crying badly after taking note of the song. I’ve heard this song before but really listened thereto for the primary time today. God bless Hadiya and therefore the Soch band.”

he band also thanked the ace Bollywood singer for his kind words. “We have grown up following you and taking note of your music, so it’s sort of a dream come true for us. many thanks Sonu Sir, it’s always gratifying and nice to listen to something heartfelt like this from a fellow artist across the border.”

Also, song producer Xulfi thanked Nigam for motivating the young singers to figure hard to satisfy their dream.

“I don’t only have one thing to thank him for, there are multiple things. the primary thing i might want to thank him for is that the way his reaction must have elated the spirits of Adnan, Rabi, and Hadiya. There’s no comparison thereto . i actually want to understand is that the honest reaction by Sonu. We hardly see this type of response anymore. this is often how an artist reacts to music. The gratification I felt after Sonu’s reaction is unexplainable,” he said.

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