Shoaib Is Not Concerned With Pak-India Politics Marriage about Sania

Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik stood out as truly newsworthy worldwide when he wedded Indian tennis star Sania Mirza in April 2010.

Ten years down the path, Shoaib has at long last opened up about his ‘dubious’ marriage with the Indian tennis star.

In a meeting, Shoaib stated, the adoration for the individual he is getting hitched to is significant for him and not her nation.

He said I was never worried about India-Pakistan governmental issues when it came to wedding Sania.

Love matters in marriage, not the nation.

In a marriage, you don’t worry about where your accomplice is from or what is happening between the nations or in legislative issues.

That isn’t our space. In the event that you love somebody and get hitched to that individual that ought to be the only thing that is in any way important, paying little heed to which nation you originate from.

Shoaib-Sania wedding was breaking news that kept going numerous days on the channels from the two sides of the fringe.

While Pakistan’s generous invited their ‘Indian Bhabhi’, Hindu radicals, then again, weren’t that tolerant of the star crossed marriage.

‘I am a cricketer, not a lawmaker’

Shoaib said that pressures between the two nations never influenced his own life.

“I have numerous companions who are Indian, and I don’t discover anything stressed in view of the connection between the two nations.

I am a cricketer, not a government official,” he said.

Sania and Shoaib settled on Dubai their decision of home as it gives them a serene nonpartisan spot for their modest dwelling place.

Sohaib to meet Sania following 5 months

Due to COVID-19 lockdown, Shoaib has been stuck in Pakistan while Sania alongside their child Izhaan Mirza Malik had been in India.

Shoaib has now been conceded uncommon consent to meet his family before the England arrangement begins.

As per PCB, Malik has been stuck in Pakistan while his significant other and child has been in India because of the restriction on universal travel because of the pandemic.

“In contrast to all of us, Shoaib Malik has not seen his close family for about five months,” PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said in an announcement.

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