Serena, A Tarot Card Reader And Palmist, And Her Readings Left Us Completely Shook

WomanCrushWednesdays are all about digging through the lives of some amazing women to enthrall our curious audience. Dating back to the Wednesday that had fallen on August 12, we had with us Serena on the ‘hot’ seat (believe me, what she later told me set me on fire)!

All eyes were riveted on Serena as she made an appearance. If I’m being honest, my belief within the supernatural has always been a touch too shaky. that’s probably because i’m more of the opinion that it’s better to let destiny play itself out. Anyway, the rich history of palmistry and tarot reading spans over 600 years. I certainly never thought that somebody would read my card on Insta Live.

As the surprise was saved for the last, Serena initially opened to Sajeer about her history with numerology. She was a mere teenager engrossed within the divine connection between numbers and coinciding events. To carve her passion for predictive arts, Serena later scoured the arenas of tarot reading and palmistry.

Oh, of course, the moral police were ready to chant slogans of “Khuda ka khauf karo.” Amidst all the halal/haram chaos, Serena put forth the simplest of her efforts to elucidate the scientific facet of tarot reading, attempting to clear the air about the negative religious connotations ascribed to the practice.

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