School in Lahore experiences harsh criticism for concealing badgering

The management of Lahore Grammar School (LGS) 1A1 Ghalib Market Branch, including female teachers, has come under attack for covering up harassment and inappropriate behaviour by instructors for years. it’s pertinent to say here that the majority of the women studying at the varsity were minors at the time.

Such incidents had reportedly been happening for the past four or five years and therefore the victims had been reporting the interest the admin and their teachers. However, their teachers had been covering up for his or her colleagues and brushing the matter under the carpet. They resorted to victim-blaming and refused to require any action. Strict and immediate action was only taken after the women shared their ordeal on social media.


According to details, students have come to the fore and shared their experiences of being harassed by three teachers namely Aitezaz Rehman Sheikh, Umer Shareef and Zahid Iqbal Warraich

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