Rizwan Says There is No Pressure due to Sarfaraz

Wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan stated it clearly that there’s no pressure due to the presence of former captain and wicketkeeper-batsman Sarfaraz Ahmed within the England tour.

In his video chat with reporters on July 23, Rizwan hoped to find out from Sarfaraz because the latter has vast experience both as a captain and a wicketkeeper-batsman. The 28-year-old further claimed that there was only positive rivalry between the 2 .

“I am a lover of Sarfaraz and have tons of affection in my heart for him. there’s no added pressure on me thanks to his presence. He’s my senior and that i am learning tons from him,” said Rizwan.

“Healthy competition between players eventually benefits the team. Doesn’t matter whoever plays, the goal is to perform and win games for Pakistan. i’m confident in my abilities and can perform whenever given a chance . Whoever the team management deems fit, are going to be within the playing XI,” he added.

It seems that Rizwan is quite motivated and on target to be a neighborhood of the ultimate team for the upcoming Test series. The batsman was unbeaten with 100 runs off of 159 balls within the intra-squad match at Derby. He was playing for PCB White, which was led by Babar Azam.

“My confidence has improved after performing within the intra-squad practice matches, which can help me within the upcoming Test series. it’s always pleasing to attain a century. i’m able to bat at any position within the card the team requires. All the batsmen are in propriety and are confident before the series,” he said.

While he initially tested positive for COVID-19, he has since recovered and there are not any signs of any negative impact on his overall health.

“I wasn’t concerned once I tested positive for Covid-19 as I didn’t have any symptoms,” Rizwan said.

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