Raina Khan Barki made Pakistan Proud by Winning ‘The Diana Award’

Raina Khan Barki, 18, who works for girls’ education in Pakistan, has been awarded the ‘Diana Award’ by Lady Diana Welfare Organization. This award is given to chose personalities in memory of Lady Diana in recognition of their social services.

Raina Khan Barki from Lahore runs an NGO called ‘Zanana Foundation’ to empower girls and ladies , where not only girls are educated in schools but also a vocational education centre is about up for them. in order that they will learn skills and become financially stable.

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Talking to NewsBox, Raina Khan Barki said, “This award is an honour not on behalf of me except for Pakistan because it’s sent a message to the planet that tons of positive things are happening in Pakistan.”

“I found out an internship program for children and made it clear that they might tend ‘Community Service Certificates’ through this program, that’s what attracted our youth and that they joined us”, she added.

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