Quitting acting gave me peace of mind: Cameron Diaz

Former Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has said that she has found “spiritual peace” since her decision to quit acting two years ago.

Cameron Diaz has been one among Hollywood’s most famous actresses and has been credited with leading films like ‘Charlie’s Angel’, ‘Shrek’, etc.

But the last film of his 20-year career was released in 2014 called ‘Annie’.

Giving an interview to her former co-star Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz said: “I’ve been relieved ever since I started taking care of myself.”

Cameron Diaz, 47, added: “You get tons of attention once you are an actor and present yourself.”

Cameron Diaz said: “I took a stand and reviewed my life. once you are making a movie , your identity isn’t yours. you’re on the set for 12 hours which too many months and no time to try to to anything for yourself.”

Cameron Diaz formally announced her retirement in 2018, but she has said within the past that she may return sometime within the future.

Cameron Diaz began her career with the famous 1994 film The Mask starring Jim Carrey.

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