Queen forced to flee after intruder entered her bedroom

The sovereign of England, Queen Elizabeth lives with a full proof security surrounding her even within the palace walls, where guards following her from all around.

However, there was an instance when an intruder broke into the London palace and entered the Queen’s private bedroom which forced her to leap out while still donning her night gown.

Michael Fagan confessed to The Sun that he had intruded Her Majesty’s bedroom 40 years earlier because he thought the monarch could help him and insisted he never intended to cause her any alarm.

He recalled how the Monarch had demanded to understand what he was doing inside her room before she rushed bent get security.

This incident has been termed the worst royal security breaches of the 20th century as Fagan— in spite of strict security— intruded the palace through an open window.

He further told, he had been “depressed” after his wife left him and he had been burdened with the responsibility of raising four children on his own and only wanted to seek out out if the Queen could help him solve his problems.

“I pulled back the curtains and therefore the woman in bed sits up and says in an accent just like the finest glass, ‘What are you doing here?’ There’s the Queen ahead of me. i used to be dumbstruck. I don’t know anyone else who wouldn’t be,” he recalled.

Later, Fagan was interrogated by Special Branch detectives at a police headquarters but declared he posed no threat to the royals.

He wasn’t charged with a criminal offense and claims the palace officials didn’t want the Queen to offer evidence in court.

The break-in happened just fortnight after Diana gave birth to Prince William.

The incident is about to be featured during a new series of The Crown with Olivia Colman because the Queen and actor Tom Brooke as Fagan.

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