Punjab passes bill to protect Islam’s foundation

he Punjab Assembly has passed the Punjab Tahaffuze Bunyade Islam Bill 2020, which Law Minister Raja Basharat says will prevent blasphemy of Holy Prophets (AS), Companions (RA) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ahle Bait (RA) and Umhatul Momineen (RA).

According to the minister, it’ll also prevent blasphemy of holy figures of other religions and therefore the holy personalities of all religions beside helping to eradicate sectarianism and non secular hatred.

The printing and publication of objectionable material are prohibited under the bill that also bars publishers, editors or translators from printing or publishing any books and material that consists of photographs or pictures of suicide bombers, terrorists, except as needed by law enforcing agencies for purposes of investigation.

Moreover, the new law has also made it mandatory that “the blessed name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) be preceded by the title Khataman Nabiyyin or Khatamun Nabiyyin followed by ‘Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam’ in Arabic text”.

The law has also empowered Directorate General PR (DGPR) to go to and inspect the premises of printing presses, offices of publication houses and book stores.

After the passage of the bill within the Punjab Assembly, Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi said it had been a historic one. “I am highly thankful to Almighty Allah on its passage. This bill will prove a milestone within the protection of Islam and its supremacy. The federation and provinces should follow us during this regard. an identical one should even be gone by Centre and every one provinces, and enforced everywhere Pakistan. The Section Number 3/F of this bill should be Article 295 of Pakistan legal code 1860,” the speaker said.

He also thanked National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser for taking personal interest during this matter while praising Hafiz Ammar Yasir also as Opposition Leader Hamza Shehbaz among other provincial lawmakers who played their full role within the passage of the bill.

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