PUBG to add Chitral National Park, Badshahi Mosque, Noor Mahal, Clock Tower in maps

PUBG is hosting an exclusive Independence Day event for Pakistani players as a token of appreciation for all the love and support shown by the local players.

To compete within the event, players will need to complete two matches in classic mode or kill 5 enemies within the arena. As they score, they’re going to be rewarded points and can go along a map lined up with several tourist spots in Pakistan like Chitral park , Badshahi Mosque, Noor Mahal, tower , and lots of more.

There are special rewards for the exclusive event also . there’ll be new royal passcards to gather exclusive outfits, parachutes, bag skins, and far more.

The exclusive Pakistani event is to celebrate the 74th Independence Day . the sport was unbanned within the country recently.

PUBG got banned last month thanks to controversy regarding its addictive behaviour. When it had been banned, Prime Minister Imran Khan started receiving endless tweets speaking against the ban. Soon after, the Islamabad supreme court gave orders to unban the computer game .

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