PTI MNA Said It Takes 18 Months For Women To Give Birth & Medical Science Has Gone Extinct

Similarly, like previous governments, PTI officialdom are carrying forward the trend of creating headlines. The ministers and therefore the officialdom often find yourself issuing statements that urge the general public to question their credibility. Well, something like this went on again.

Muhammad Sanaullah Khan the PTI MNA said 18 months is how long women are pregnant for before parturition
This particular interview was aired on K21 a couple of days ago. The name of the show is ‘LifeLine with Rida Saifi’. Sana Ullah Khan was discussing the newly announced budget and its repercussions for the awam. The interview had a panel of guests who collectively were discussing the challenges faced by the govt and the way it aimed to deal with those.

While expressing his views on the increased inflation within the country and while responding to the question asked by the news anchor, the member of the National assembly said, ” athara (18) maheenay main kuch banta hai? Khuda ka khauf karo, athara(18) maheenay main tau bacha he paida nahe hota aap shaadi karien tau.”

The comment gone by the MNA was in response to an issue associated with inflation. He basically tried to say that a government can’t fix the items in only 18 months because 18 months may be a very short period of time for love or money to happen. To copy his argument, Mr. Khan drew a meaningless comparison between the duration required for childbirth with the time required by the govt to form major changes within the country.

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