PM Imran urges TV scholars’ to advance family esteems, national character through shows

Prime Minister Imran Khan, during a video meeting with renowned writers across the country, urged them to market family values and national identity through their writings and dramas. Writers who were a part of the meeting included Hasina Moin, Amjad Islam Amjad, Bee Gul, Fasih Bari Khan, Zafar Meraj, Zanzbeel Asim Shah, Amna Mufti, Saima Ikram Chaudhry and Jahanzeb Qamar.

According to APP, the prime minister assured the government’s support for the promotion of national culture and identity. within the meeting, PM Khan discussed the importance of highlighting national culture and identity and said that the education and training of the youth had been jeopardized by modern communication tools, internet, quick access to objectionable content and onslaught of alien culture and traditions.

The PM asserted that foreign content – such a Bollywood – is putting our history, culture and social values in peril and reducing the youth’s knowledge about Islamic personalities, sagas and national history.

PM Imran also said that the govt was getting to revamp and digitalise Pakistan Television (PTV) and revive its previous glory.

Fasih Bari Khan, and other writers present on the occasion, chatting with a personal media outlet, said that PM Khan had highlighted that the entire society was during a state of ethical decay which the country was leading in kiddie porn . PM Khan attributed rising divorce rates to the moral degradation of society and therefore the influence of Western cultures. He expressed his distress at the rising divorce cases in society and spoke at length on the subject . He urged playwrights to assist the new generation in moral training and character building. PM Khan also expressed his desire for an Ertuğrul -type drama to be produced in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, when Bee Gul disagreed with PM Khan’s point of view and said that while divorce should be discouraged, it shouldn’t be stigmatised because it puts stress on the lady , her mic was transitioned and PM Khan said that divorce features a negative effect on children and therefore the family structure.

The writers hoped that this meeting would bear fruit and would bring positive changes, because more often than not, they’re pressurised into writing a particular sort of story by private channels.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information Lt Gen (Retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa were also a part of the meeting.

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