PM Imran Khan Called Osama Bin Laden A “Shaheed” in National Assembly

Our beloved PM always finishes up making headlines due to his famous slip of tongues. Previously, he had tousled some geographical concepts and ended up stating that Japan and Germany share a border. He once once attributed a Bengali poet’s quote to Khalil Jibran. Well, it’s like that another mix-up by Khan sahib has just caught the eye of the many . allow us to fill in you with the small print of it.

While addressing members of the National Assembly today (without a mask, mind you), Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned Osama bin Laden as shaheed
While shedding some light on the war of terrorism and therefore the strained Pak-US ties, PM called Osama bin Laden a martyr. In his own words, “Osama bin Laden ko Americans nay Abbottabad main aa kay maar diya,shaheed kar diya.”

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