Pakistan’s Top dressmaker is Making Protective Gear for Medical Staff

Pakistan’s Top dressmaker is Making Protective Gear for Medical Staff

To help Pakistan’s frontline healthcare workers tending to Coronavirus patients in inadequate personal protection, eminent dressmaker Asim Jofa has progressed by designing a protection suit for them.

Coronavirus has killed 21 and infected 1,664 people thus far across Pakistan. Doctors and nurses need to affect infected patients without proper protection thanks to the limited supply of protective gear.

Just recently, Dr. Usama Riaz from Gilgit Baltistan succumbed to Coronavirus. Dr. Usama was deployed at the screening center for the suspected COVID-19 patients.

Another doctor at the Polyclinic Hospital in Islamabad tested positive for Coronavirus, forcing the authorities to pack up doctors’ hostel and move all of them to quarantine center for two weeks.

In the wake of all this, it urged me to intensify and help my fellow citizens in whatever capacity I can. Being a responsible Pakistani, i made a decision to form protective gear for frontline workers.

To realize the plan, Jofa has partnered with the Jinnah Post Graduate center (JPGMC) in Karachi.

JPGMC’s executive , Dr. Seemi Jamali, is supervising Jofa and his team to make sure the suits are made consistent with safety standards and guidelines.

The suit is being made with PE material suitable for medical use. We also are researching on more materials which may be used.

The suit, completely funded by the brand, is within the sampling process and therefore the final version are going to be unrolled soon, said Jofa.

The designer is hopeful that other brands will follow in his footsteps considering the role frontline workers have within the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s a little contribution on our part. All the caregivers, including doctors, nurses, paramedics and other people who are within the frontline fighting for us are our national heroes, and that I admire their courage for rising to the challenge.

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