Pakistani team Agrifarm gained the Android Developer Challenge (ADC) 2020

In October Google started an initiative under the heading of Android Developer Challenge. That challenge aimed to peek through the apps that utilize the mechanisms of machine learning.

It was an eleven-week extensive challenge in which several teams from all over the world participated.

Recently Android has announced 10 winners who participated in the challenge. One of the developer’s teams represented Pakistan.

Android Developer challenge started with the first SDK launch. Google brought it back in light of upcoming technologies like 5G, ML, and foldable.

Participant developers were required to submit their proposal and the company selected 10 innovative projects.

The project development expenses were all paid by Google. The young developers were also given extensive sessions by the experts in the field.

Google promotes helpful innovations thus all these won projects have innovation in common.

The apps are now available at Google Play store so that users can utilize them as per their needs.

The developer of this app belonged to Baluchistan, Pakistan. This app was created to help the farmers as it detects crop health.

Users can get their hands on the current market process, and news updates regarding the agriculture sector. The app also helps in creating the treatment plan of crop diseases.

The developers belong to India and the app is created to keep track of the crop’s health.

The developers belong to the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a streamline mobile money management that helps the people belonging to Congo in paying bills and funds transfer.

The developers of this app belong to India. It helps the students in learning hand gestures and American Sign Language symbols.

This live streaming portal helps the fitness professionals and Yoga Teacher track alignment, teach, and gave their feedback in real-time.

The developer of the app belongs to the USA. This pap helps people with visual impairments to navigate complex situations by identifying the trajectories and objects hurdling in their path.

Snore and Cough
It helps to identify snoring and coughing problems. It also provides information to people who are seeking medical professionals’ assistance.

The app gets linked with fit bit wristbands and tracks the bodies’ stress level. The app developers belong to Munich Germany.

This makes recycling easier. All users need to do is to point the camera towards the trash item and the app will detect the nature of the recycling object.

This app would help the owners in understanding their pet’s wellness.

Author: Nadia Arshad, an SEO Content Writer

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