Pakistani passport ranking improves from 199 to 193

akistani passport’s individual power ranking has improved from 199 to 193 on the worldwide Passport Index list of 2020.

According to the index, just a year ago, Pakistani passport was standing on 198 — the second to last position.

Now, the Pakistani passport ranks better than the passports of Iraq (199), Afghanistan (198), Syria (197), Somalia (196), Yemen (195), and Iran (194).

Pakistan’s passport is at a rank less than that of Palestinian territories (192). However, the worldwide group ranking of both passports is same, which is 63.

The ranking of Iranian passport has declined and stands on 194th, one among the smallest amount respected passports within the world.

The global passport ranking may be a symbol of power and prestige. It also indicates your home within the world, what percentage countries a passport holder can travel without a visa, and the way it’s citizens are treated.

Here are the ten most powerful passports within the world:

New Zealand
South Korea
Japan and New Zealand sit on the highest .

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