Pakistan temporarily bans popular online game PUBG

Player BattleGrounds, or more commonly referred to as PUBG, has been within the news for quite a while now. the sport has many players in Pakistan alone and is widely accepted and played. With over 600 million downloads globally, it’s a lover favorite everywhere. Sadly, it’s within the news in Pakistan for all the incorrect reasons

PUBG just got banned in Pakistan after PTA said that there have been “complaints from different segments of society” against the sport
According to the official statement by PTA, the explanations for a “temporary suspension” of the sport are cited as “addictive” nature of the sport , alleged wastage of your time and “serious negative effect on the psychological and physical health of the [sic]Children”.

PTA has received numerous complaints against PUBG wherein it’s stated that the sport is addictive, wastage of your time and poses serious negative impact on physical and psychological health of the youngsters .

PTA Tweet

It also cited media reports where suicide was connected to the sport . Although the causes of death by suicide are extremely complex and can’t exactly be simplified to at least one exact reason. Would be worth noting if there have been notes left behind by the victims, blaming the sport .

Pakistan temporarily bans popular online game PUBGOn July 1, PTA released a press release saying they’re applying a “temporary suspension” of the sport . A permanent ban are going to be considered after lengthy discussions with experts as directed by the Lahore supreme court , on July 9, 2020.

Here how people reacted to it on twitter

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