Pakistan Becomes Permanent Member Of SCO Youth Council

Pakistan has become a permanent member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Youth Council. Usman Dar, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Youth Affairs, shared the news during a video.

Usman in his video statement said that it’s the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan that have led to Pakistan’s agreement to the SCO Youth Council. consistent with him, all this became possible thanks to the prime minister who found out the country’s first youth council. like launching initiatives like Kamyab Jawan and Hunarmand Pakistan programs for the welfare of youth.

Usman Dar

The Youth Council of SCO formed after the Russian President Putin made a proposal at the SCO summit in June 2006. Moreover, in May 2007, the whole concept of the Council was represented at a gathering of the SCO heads of state in Beijing.

Furthermore, the SCO meeting happened in October 2008 in St. Petersburg. during this meeting, an agreement was made between the Youth Council’s statutes and therefore the basic principles of operation. Currently, China is that the president of the SCO Council. per annum , an SCO summit is held in China where young representatives of member countries participate.

In addition to the present , Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan , Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are the founding members of the SCO Youth Council. The association has become a big group of nations with emerging economies.

According to Usman, the youth of Pakistan will now be ready to represent their country at SCO Youth Council meetings. Not only that but also the exchange programs. within the video, he further talks about how the youth also can participate within the skill development programs of the SCO Youth Council.

The youth is now given the chance to urge greatly benefitted from international exposure. Needless to mention , it’ll surely help in their socio-economic development.

Pakistan’s appointment within the SCO Youth Council became possible solely due to the reforms the Prime Minister Imran Khan instituted for the past two years. Hence, we will completely accept as true with what Usman has stated in his video. it’s the efforts of the Prime Minister which have proved to be fruitful today.

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