‘Only 7% of Pakistanis own laptops, 2% own tablets’

Gallup Pakistan, a search organisation has performed research on the subject of laptops and tablets ownership in Pakistan.

It was discovered that only 7% of Pakistanis own a private laptop, whereas 2% said that they need a tablet. Islamabad and concrete Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have the very best ownership stats with 27% and 16% respectively.

The main goal of the survey was to review the consequences of the pandemic and the way it’s impacted the ownership of smart devices since it’s made them a necessity instead of a luxury.

The survey is conducted once every two years by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics and it covers quite 24,000 households and over 115,000 respondents.

In a regional breakdown, Balochistan reports rock bottom number with only 2% ownership stats. 5% of the people from Islamabad and Karachi own a tablet while provincially, urban Sindh and Punjab report the very best during this regard.

This further adds authenticity to the criticism raised by the country and lots of students about the shortage of facilities available to continue their education through the continued pandemic.

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