Neelam Muneer’s ‘Bikhray Moti’ is not for the faint-hearted

Every now then Pakistani dramas affect topics of social issues which highlight societal ills. the newest to try to to so is Bikhray Moti starring Neelam Muneer, Wahaj Ali, Yasir Nawaz, Samina Ahmed and Nausheen Shah. The drama, which airs on ARY Digital aims to spotlight domestic and maltreatment and exploitation. It is raw, unfiltered during a few places and honest which is why it makes a depressing watch.

Bikhray Moti is centred on Ayeza (Neelam Munir), the daughter of an abusive and misogynistic father (Waseem Abbas) who believes daughters to be a burden. he’s ruthless and egotistical and doesn’t appear to worry much about the ladies of his house. Ayeza’s elder sister Faiza (Nausheen Shah) is married to Zulfi (Yasir Nawaz), who is lafanga (useless person). Faiza and Zulfi have three children together and expect a fourth but thanks to Faiza’s weakness and years of abuse, she is unable to offer birth to the kid and passes away within the process. Before dying, she entrusts Ayeza to require care of her children and save them from their father, who also will not hesitate to use them for his gains. Ayeza vows to become independent and financially stable in order that she will lookout of them and fulfil the promise she made to her sister.

After Faiza’s death, Zulfi takes his children back home much to Ayeza’s protests and hands them over to his mother (Samina Ahmed) because he can’t be bothered to require care of them. The children’s grandmother sends her elder grandson Jaanu to Hyderabad to figure at Zulfi’s brother’s shop and decides to sell her teenage granddaughter Shehzadi to an older man in marriage.

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