Nadia Hussain Warns Online Buyers After Her Experience With Scammers

Seems like nobody is safe during quarantine also . Since people have stopped stepping out, perhaps street criminals have found an alternate to scamming people for money. the newest happens to be the web parcel delivery scam and celebrity model and structure guru, Nadia Hussain seems to possess fallen prey thereto .

Nadia took to her social media to boost awareness about the scam that has been happening in abundance in Pakistan lately . because it happens, the scammers use old discarded delivery boxes and receipts to dig out names and get in touch with details of a customer and send fake parcels to their address only to receive money and vanish.

“Pls pls be vigilant of parcel seller and sender information BEFORE paying for your parcel!!!,” wrote Nadia on her Instagram sharing how she had been scammed for 4000 rupees.

“I received this parcel today with my name hand written on the flyer and since I shop very regularly online it didn’t occur to me that this might be a SCAM then I stupidly paid RS 4250 for an item I never ordered!!!!,” wrote Nadia stating that the parcel that she had received had no seller or sender information thereon whatsoever.

Nadia also shared that she wouldn’t hold the courier company responsible but people that had been using the flyers and boxes for such a scam. “The man who came to deliver the parcel had a package from Call Courier but didn’t have any uniform or identification that said he belonged to the corporate ,” added Nadia.

The social media has also been abuzz with such kind of news as a reputed online shopping platform had a knowledge hack with their important customer information being leaked. This seems to possess resulted during a whole chain of scams where fake, unregistered riders, deliver a parcel, take money and leave, just for the customer to seek out a damaged product that’s of no use.

Thanks to Nadia Hussain for using her platform to boost awareness about such dirty tricks being pulled on the general public . Stay safe everyone and never receive or buy a parcel on faith or cross checking your and therefore the product details.

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