Nabeel Zafar Apologizes for Bulbulay’s Episode Mocking Pashtuns

Nabeel Zafar, who plays one among the leads on ARY Digital’s hit sitcom Bulbulay, has apologised for ‘offensive’ comments against Pashtuns on the show.

In a video message, Nabeel apologises for hurting Pashtun sentiments and says that their intention was never to harm anyone.

“I found some comments on Twitter today that we’d have hurt the emotions of our viewers through a scene of the show,” says Nabeel within the video. “We would never target a specific ethnicity. That was never our intention. Our audience ranges from a four-year-old to an eight-year-old. We receive massive viewership from the KP region.”

He then goes on to elucidate the characters and says that the team of the shows aim to entertain the masses and make them laugh.

“There are several characters on the show. We never meant to disrespect anyone. Our only intention was to form our audience happy,” he says further.

In a clip being circulated on social media, Mehmood Sahab (Mehmood Aslam) is seen lecture a Pathan man Sher Khan over the phone. When Khan says that he would really like to return to their house and provides them a present , Nabeel jokes that the sole gift he will give is either naswar or a bomb. Nabeel’s comments sparked outrage for stereotyping Pashtuns and therefore the hashtag #BoycottARYDigital began to trend on social media.

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