Most noticeably awful Shows of Best Pakistani Performing artists

Those Pakistani actors who have worked hard for of these years to form a reputation for themselves surely try their best to measure up to their reputation. Yet, there are times once they make sure choices that baffle their viewers. When these actors choose substandard dramas to figure in, their fans are left wondering why they chose such a script. a number of these actors have confessed in interviews that they are doing certain dramas only for fun. Perhaps that’s why their choices sometimes aren’t at par with the status they enjoy within the industry.

There are other actors who haven’t really ‘explained’ why they chose to be a part of a number of the worst dramas we’ve seen on television. When an actor works during a project that becomes increasingly popular and which shows his diversity as a performer, the viewers automatically have more expectations. Therefore, when such actors prefer to add projects which have the foremost shoddy scripts they viewers don’t know what to expect from them within the future.

Here are a number of the highest Pakistani actors who chose to be a part of a number of the worst dramas we’ve seen on television.

Ayeza Khan (Shehrnaz)

Ayeza Khan became more popular than ever after Pyare Afzal went on air. Just when her fans were dying to ascertain her on-screen again, she got married and disappeared from television screens for a short time . When she made a comeback, the viewers were ecstatic. The play she made a comeback with however proved to be the most important disappointment ever.

Ayza Khan

The viewers who were waiting to ascertain Ayeza Khan during a powerful role were shocked to ascertain her play a task that made no sense. Shehrnaz was Danish Taimoor’s own production therefore it’s easy to guess why Ayeza Khan decided to be a neighborhood of such a substandard drama. Although Ayeza has been a part of many average plays and has played enough stereotypical characters, none of the characters she has played in her career was as bad as that of Shehrnaz

Adnan Siddique (Janam)

Adnan Siddiqui may be a brilliant actor and he usually chooses the projects he’s employed in wisely. albeit he chooses to play a negative character, he makes sure that the project he’s employed in has some class. Janam was a totally different story! it had been a play with the worst storyline and what made it even more cringe-worthy were Saba Qamar and Adnan Siddiqui’s cozy scenes

Adnan Siddiqui

Janam was definitely not the type of drama you’d expect someone like Adnan Siddiqui to figure in. it’s definitely the worst play he has worked in.

Affan Waheed (Mein Na Janoo)

Affan Waheed is typically seen giving his most emotional performances within the best plays. albeit he plays the role of a flawed husband, he makes sure that the drama he’s a neighborhood of offers something substantial. After Affan mesmerized the viewers together with his performance within the popular drama serial Do Bol, he left the viewers in shock together with his poor performance in Mein Na Janoo.

Affan Waheed’s get-up (his white-washed face), his ineffective character, and most significantly his absurd acting showed that sometimes even the simplest of actors can make the worst choices! He definitely redeemed himself by working in Ghalati but Mein Na Janoo will always be his worse project.

Fawad Khan (Ashk and Numm)

Fawad Khan’s popularity after Hamsafar aired was unmatched. He was the foremost sought-after actor and his fans were desperately waiting to ascertain more amazing dramas from him. The dramas that followed Hamsafar however were a number of the most important disasters within the history of Pakistani dramas considering they starred Fawad Khan within the lead!

Fawad Khan

Ashk had the worst storyline and therefore the execution couldn’t are more pathetic. nobody even took the drama seriously, most of the people watched it for Fawad Khan but Fawad himself it seemed didn’t take this project seriously since his performance and character within the play was beyond disappointing. Numm was another awful drama starring Fawad within the lead since it literally made the viewers numb! A drama which promised to be about a crucial social issue clothed to be a joke! The viewers expected better from Fawad but the reality is that he only features a few good dramas to his credit.

Hamza Ali Abbasi (Mann Mayal)

Hamza Ali Abbasi has been really selected ever since he started his acting career. In dramas like Pyare Afzal and Alif he was seen playing meaty roles. His role in Mann Mayal however wasn’t the smallest amount bit exciting. He played the role of Salahuddin, a person who is crazy with a woman he couldn’t marry to. Their romance continues long after the love of his life gets married. Salahuddin’s character was confusing and therefore the romance itself was more twisted than endearing.

hamza ali abbasi

Mann Mayal was definitely not the type of drama Hamza Ali Abbasi should have chosen to be a neighborhood of. Not only was his character written terribly, but his working at times was also quite disappointing also.

Humayun Saeed (Bin Roye)

Humayun Saeed features a definite screen presence and he can cause you to pity his character almost instantly. most frequently he chooses to play characters that have tons of room for performance and which are central to the story. In Bin Roye his role was nothing quite that of a caricature. Bin Roye was the sole drama in Pakistani drama history which was presented on the large screen within the sort of a movie and on television as a serial.

humayun saeed

There were huge expectations from this drama due to the large names attached thereto . The drama clothed to be an entire train wreck. it had been a weird combination of the film and therefore the drama itself. there have been numerous editing mistakes, the story had absolutely no spark and Irtaza’s character played by Humayun Saeed was during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the foremost unappealing male leads we’ve seen in a drama of this stature. This was surely not the type of role which did justice to Humayun’s standing within the industry.

Sanam Jung (Mein Na Janoo)

Sanam Jung has worked in just a couple of dramas but all of those dramas had something or the opposite to supply . Even those dramas which had somewhat simple storylines were definitely not the worst. Sanam was doing great within the field of acting when she decided to start out hosting morning shows.

Sanam Jung

When Sanam Jung decided to form a comeback to television, her fans were really excited. They were expecting Sanam to play a personality just like the one she played in Dil-e-Muztar and Mere Humdum Mere Dost – simple yet appealing. On the contrary, what the viewers need to watch on screen was one among the worst and annoying becharis this year. Not only this, but Sanam Jung’s acting was also so terrible that the majority of the viewers probably won’t even be tuning in to her next drama!

Sanam Saeed (Deedan and Kadurat)

The actress who got fame from dramas like Daam, Mera Naseeb, Shuk, Zindagi Gulzar Hei, Talkhiyan, and Diyar-e-Dil chose to figure in a number of the foremost awful dramas for a few reason. albeit Sanam Saeed really enjoyed working in Deedan and she or he also shared that it had been challenging shooting in those locations yet it had been one among the worst dramas of recent times.

Sanam Saeed

Kadurat was another drama during which Sanam Saeed played the foremost ridiculous negative character. It had the weakest script and someone like Sanam Saeed should definitely not have opted to be a part of such a project.

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