Mia Khalifa Auctions Off Famous Glasses For Beirut Blast Victims

Former porn star Mia Khalifa is well-known, but few people know she is of Lebanese descent. Recently, a horrific explosion happened in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, the house country of Mia Khalifa, on which she also came forward to assist the victims of the explosion and auctioned off her well-known Glasses and announced to offer the proceeds to Red Cross Lebanon.

Mia Khalifa announced the auction of her glasses on her Instagram account, which has now sold for 100,000 (approximately Rs. 16.8 million) and has donated the cash to the Lebanese Red Cross .

According to the media report, the web auction of Mia Khalifa’s glasses was completed on August 16. 193 people participated within the auction and one person bought the Glasses by bidding $100,000. Mia also posted a screenshot of the auction results on her social media account. additionally to the Glasses, Mia Khalifa is additionally auctioning off many other items she uses in order that the proceeds are often donated to assist those in need in her homeland.

Shee also put one among his used razors up for auction, that 79 people bid, and in only six hours, the used razor sold for $11,400 (approximately Rs. 1,921,000). additionally to his personal efforts, Mia Khalifa has appealed to her fans to donate money on to the Lebanese Red Cross .

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