Marvel to make movie on Spider Woman after Spider Man

Leading Hollywood production house Sony will soon start performing on the movie ‘Spider Woman’ under its Marvel Production House.

According to the showbiz website Variety, Sony Pictures has signed a affect filmmaker Olivia Wilde, 36, to direct the upcoming film.

Although it’s not yet clear which films Olivia Wild will direct for Sony Pictures, there are reports that she is going to direct films supported female lead roles, the report said.

Spider-Woman may be a magazine character that has been featured in several Marvel books.

The character of ‘Spider Woman’ has been featured in several comic books published by Marvel Studios since 1970, but will soon be introduced in movies also .

It is too early to mention when the ‘Spider Woman’ movie are going to be released, but it’s thought that the shooting could start next year after confirming more details about the project by this year.

There are reports that the story of ‘Spider Woman’ are going to be written by well-known writer Katie Silberman and therefore the said film are going to be directed and produced by women.

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