Man in Indian fell in love with a beggar girl and marries her

Aunique wedding has been seen in Kanpur, India where, while distributing food on the pavement, a young man fell crazy with a begging girl and both of them tied the knot amid the lockdown.

Anil, a driver from Kanpur’s Kakadeo area found a beggar, Neelam when he went bent distribute food as per the instructions of his employer among the needy. He was interested in Neelam that became true love.

Talking to an Indian news outlet, the bride said, “My father died way back and my mother suffered a paralysis stroke. My brother and sister-in-law wont to beat me up and at some point they threw my mother and that i out of the house.”
“He started lecture me when he came to understand about my circumstances. One day, he convinced me to offer up begging. We started interacting daily, and developed a friendship which blossomed into love”, said Neelam.

Anil told reporters: “I admired her courage and guts. She wasn’t only fending for herself but also for her paralysed mother.”

Anil shared his feelings together with his employer who guided him to require care of Neelam and her mother because the lockdown had made their life far more difficult. then he started providing to them twice each day .

His employer, Lalta Prasad convinced Anil’s family to let him marry the girl he loved and he finally proposed to Neelam.

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