Maid Tortured & Forced Their Into Prostitution in Rahim Yar Khan by Evil Sisters

When tragedy strikes, empathy is that the only outlet that is still . One case from Rahim Yar Khan has shaken the very perception of domestic in Pakistan. While affording a maid may be a sense of luxury within the West, in Pakistan, domestic is one among the most cost effective laborers available.

A female domestic worker escaped the hell which was her employer’s house and reached bent the police. The girl (who shall not be named) narrated her heart wrenching story, of the abuse she had been facing at the hands of her employers.

Allegedly, two sisters who employed the maid, made her undergo severe torture and on top, tried to force her into prostitution. An FIR under No 347/20 was filed within the Abbasi Town police headquarters in Rahim Yar Khan.

The maid had been living with the sisters for the last two years. She was kept in confinement, not allowed to travel out or visit her relatives, even close family. She was trapped within the hell-house, where she was subjected to several alternative ways of torture.

The sisters would their maid to figure as a prostitute, selling her to different men who would come to the house. When the maid disobeyed them, she was subjected to physical abuse. On May 22, an equivalent routine was following, when the sisters invited 4 men to their house.

The men attempted to force themselves on the maid and when she resisted, she was subjected to brutal physical pain. Moreover, the sisters also shaved her head bald due to her defiance.

This wasn’t the sole case. for 2 years, the maid remained unpaid, while the sisters forced her to figure as a prostitute. On Saturday, the girl managed to flee her confinement and went straight to the police.

Since then, police have taken action and have arrested 7 people including the 2 sisters. The arrested women since then are sent to jail via judicial remand.

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