Ludo Star Hacks: Get Six Always

You’re not a Pakistani if you haven’t ever played Ludo. We’ve all spent hours hooked to the Ludo board, expecting our first six, praying that our gotis don’t get killed off, and expecting the dice to roll the atomic number to steer us to victory. Earlier this year, all our childhood memories were revitalized when a mobile app called Ludo Star took the planet by storm.

There are Ludo apps before, but none are as successful as Ludo Star. Since its launch just a couple of months ago, Ludo Star already has 5 million downloads on Google Play and is raking in 28,000 downloads per day. it’s undeniably become a phenomenon. But at the top of the day it’s still a game and hence like all other program, there’s a loophole in Ludo Star which individuals are now exploiting to urge sixes consistently. There had been numerous people talking about it on the web so we at TechJuice took the matter into our own hands to see whether this hack actually works. And it does!

Here’s what you would like to try to to to consistently get a six:

Keep your eye on the green ticker that appears on your avatar.
As soon as one-quarter of the green ticker has cleared i.e. one-fourth of some time to roll the dice has passed tap on the dice.
You will get a six nearly always if you tap on the dice at now .

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