Librarian conveys books by means of automaton to kids stuck at home in the midst of COVID-19

Kelly Passek, who works as a librarian at a faculty in Virginia, America, made sure that youngsters still have books to stay them engaged during the pandemic.

“As a faculty librarian, it’s extremely important to me to possess connections with my students. in order that I can confirm that they have got access to the resources that they need and therefore the resources which will allow them to achieve success – not just academically, but also in life,” said Passek consistent with MSN.

Due to the remote learning during coronavirus crisis, it became difficult for Passek to be in reference to her students. Then she came up with the thought of a drone to use it for book delivery. She took inspiration from her family as they often use a drone service from Google’s parent company Alphabet, to urge essentials delivered to their doorstep.

So, Passek asked for permission from the superintendent, Mark Miear, to deliver books using drone service.

To get a book delivered, students got to request books online which is fulfilled by Passek who then packs the books up in mail boxes and delivers them using drone service Wing.

The drone service started last week on a limited trial basis, but now students in Montgomery County can choose between the library’s quite 150,000 books.

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