Karachi University Announces That It Will Not Take Late Fee Charges From Students

The ongoing pandemic possesses everyone stressed . Especially, the web class dilemma is making almost every student crack their heads and feel burdened. along side that, another dilemma is what percentage universities need to buy the upcoming semester.

Hence, students are facing quite tumultuous ride from the problem of accessing online classes or getting their enrollments confirmed. aside from this, another problem that students are facing; what percentage institutions have stooped to quite lower levels which may be troubling for both students also as parents.

However, during this saddening and stressful time, one among the foremost Karachi University just announced an excellent relief to all or any its students by waiving all late fees charges.

At a time when students and both parents are worried about the uncertain and unpredictable situation of the country also the economy is facing, such a relief seems like music to each student’s ears. Basically, all students of the previous semester and both shifts evening and morning are asked to pay the fees with a 50 percent late fees as a sort of surcharge, just in case the maturity is missed.

But out of goodness, Karachi University has announced to forgo them and extend the waiver within the se charges thanks to the pandemic situation in the city for its students. Wow! it’s truly excellent news . Especially, for those people that face problems thanks to COVID-19 or are even affected by the disease itself.

Interestingly Karachi University features a total of 35000 students in both the morning and evening shifts; so just imagine, how waiving their fees would cause any fatal accident . More likely, the notification that Karachi University has announced allows the scholars quite some flexibility in making the payments.

Thus, high-quality education will now be easily available to students and that they also can buy it through different modes. the simplest part is that students don’t need to visit Karachi university themselves, rather they will buy it online.

Students pays through Habib Bank by filling the overall deposit slip with the student’s credentials i.e. name, seat number, and credit amount. More details are available on KU’s website which you’ll visit easily.

Karachi University is indeed winning tons of brownie points with their generous relief and facilitation which we are sure goes to assist the scholars tons . We are extremely pleased with Karachi University for its generous thought; especially, when many universities are expelling students or causing them unnecessary burden and stress for no logical reason.

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