Journalist Matiullah Jan abducted from Islamabad’s Sector G-6

Like every other person during a liberal nation, one has the proper to even criticize the judgements gone by the court. which is what happened in Matiullah Jan’s case. A Journalist, who has been within the filed for the last few decades more or less, gave his opinion on many various things. Matiullah Jan harshly criticized the judiciary system of Pakistan, recently, on 10th July, in one among his tweets. He has been against the present government too, and has also been criticizing the military , repeatedly. But that criticism shouldn’t are harming anyone, or any particular organization.

Matiullah was asked to point out up in court after been given a suo-motu for his tweets. However, on 21st July, just when he was outside a Government School in G-9, Islamabad, few cars took over and stopped Jan’s vehicle. Several men came out of these vehicles and forcefully put in Matiullah in their car. Nonetheless, Jan tried saving his phone by throwing it within the school, but was demanded by a person in uniform. Unluckily, it had been handed over to him.

In a CCTV footage, a Jeep are often seen turning around and few men in civil clothes along side men in uniform are often seen. An ambulance was also spotted within the CCTV footage. Soon after his kidnapping, Matiullah’s son tweeted about his kidnapping, which was retweeted about by many various people and organizations.

Nevertheless, an issue that arises is, where is freedom of Press? Or are we living during a communist state, where there’s no freedom of speech? Will this ‘kidnapping’ culture ever end in Pakistan, or will it’s an equivalent till the end? Will Matiullah be released, or he would be added to the list of ‘kidnapped’ Journalists in Pakistan? May God help him.

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