Journalist In Islamabad Was Just Arrested For Allegedly Torturing His Wife To Death

News program producer Ali Salman Alvi has been arrested and put behind bars for allegedly torturing his wife Sadaf Zahra to death for confronting him about affairs and blackmailing women for money. consistent with the FIR registered against Alvi, there are signs of torture on his wife’s body. Initial post-mortem report suggests that Zahra was strangulated to death. The police have sent the evidence to Lahore’s Forensic Lab for further inquiries. Alvi has claimed that his wife committed suicide whereas the family has accused him of murdering his wife.

Zahra’s death and therefore the circumstances surrounding it had been delivered to light by her friend who took to Twitter to offer details on the case. She tweeted that Zahra and Ali had a love marriage and had met on Twitter but soon after they were married, Zahra found evidence that Ali was blackmailing other women.

She also mentions that Zahra tried to go away her husband but tried to save lots of the wedding after he promised to vary and since that they had a young daughter, she felt it had been necessary to offer it an attempt .

Ali Salman Alvi was producer of Asma Shirazi’s program. Asma took to Twitter to condemn the murder. She tweeted that she was shocked and numbed the instant she acknowledged about this incident and therefore the FIR against Alvi. “Not just myself but the media group I’m working with strictly condemned & terminated accused.” She hopes that justice must prevail.

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