Japan has made world’s quickest super computer

Fujitsu created a supercomputer in Japan. This computer has been ranked because the fastest within the world as per U.S.-European TOP 500 Project. The ranking was announced on Monday.

In 9 years, it’s for the primary time that Japan has gotten a better rank against its American and Chinese Competitors. The supercomputer was named after mount Fiji. It is 2.8 times faster than IBM’s summit. Fugaku has topped in other rankings that test computers on different workloads, including Graph 500, HPL-AI, and HPCG. None of the opposite supercomputers has ever topped all the opposite four rankings at an equivalent time.

Next financial year , Fugaku will enter full operation. By now, this supercomputer has been in use on an experimental basis for the research of coronavirus. Satoshi Matsuoka the top of Riken’s center for computational sciences said: “I hope that the cutting-edge IT developed for Fugaku will contribute to major advances on difficult social challenges like COVID 19.”

He further said: “We were ready to stand call at all the key specifications for supercomputers and demonstrate it’s the world’s highest-performing. We expect it’ll aid in solving difficult social problems like the fight against the novel coronavirus.”

Supercomputers are 1000 times faster than a traditional computer. It are often wont to simulate the atomic explosion , model the climatic system, and perform the testing of virtual weapons. Fugaku can rule out the impact of a natural disaster like Tsunami and earthquake. it’s capable to require out the escape routes in times of emergenc

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